Email Info

Net Service Currently Offers the following email Clients:

Openwebmail Mail Client

Openwebmail is a simple Webmail system which uses the POP3 protocol.

Horde Mail Client

Horde is a powerful Webmail system which uses IMAP.  It offers an outlook-like interface, and can be used in conjunction with other mail boxes (for example it can be used where you want to sync email between your mobile, webmail and your local computers mail box.

Roundcube Mail Client

Roundcube Mail is a popular IMAP based webmail client, similar to Horde.  If you have used Roundcube before, use this, otherwise use Horde.

PB Marketing Mailing List Solution

If you want to be in regular contact with customers or contacts, you may well need a mailing list.   PB Marketing provides an easy-to-use web based mailing list system which complies with New Zealand laws and overseas best practices.


Mail Server Settings

If you prefer to use your own email client (for example Outlook, Thunderbird or a smartphone email program), our server supports both IMAP and POP3.  (If in doubt, use IMAP as it allows syncing between devices).

The account settings are:

POP3, IMAP & SMTP Server:
Username = full email address
Password is as given to you

For outgoing mail you need to ensure that your mail client uses authentication.  Under Outlook tick the checkbox “My outgoing mail server requires authentication” (Under More Settings, Outgoing Server tab).

While the above settings should “just work”, some mail providers (for example XTRA from time to time) block sending email out on the default port 25, Thus changing the using SMTP port  to 587 is recommended.  You can also turn on encryption – for incoming mail set the connection to “TLS” (this will change the port – thats OK) and for outgoing mail set it to “SSL”.   Although less common, encrypted outgoing mail on port 465 for older email clients.

Our incoming mail server IMAP, POP3 as well as Secure IMAP and Secure POP3.